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Olde Course

All Play Governed by USGA Rules of Golf Including the Following Local Rules

  • A ball which crosses a public/private road or parking lot marked as out of bounds and comes to rest beyond that road or parking lot is out of bounds even though it may lie on another part of the course.
  • All yardage markers measured to center of green.
    Red: 100 yards - White: 150 yards - Blue: 200 yards - Gold: 250 yards
  • Wild flowers are played as ground under repair.
  • Water hazard: Yellow stakes - Lateral hazard: Red stakes
  • Please keep all power carts AT LEAST 30 FEET FROM TEES AND GREENS.
  • Please maintain a brisk speed of play.

PolsonBay olde score card front min

PolsonBay olde score card back min

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111 Bayview Dr
Polson, MT 59860

Hours Of Operation

Monday: 7am - 8pm
Tuesday: 7am - 8pm
Wednesday: 7am - 8pm
Thursday: 7am - 8pm
Friday: 7am - 8pm
Saturday: 7am - 8pm
Sunday: 7am - 8pm